tokidoki x Ju-Ju-Be - Sea Punk

tokidoki x Ju-Ju-Be - Sea Punk

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A music festival is brewing in the tokidoki seas, and everyone wants a ticket! With its classy navy background and bright cast of familiar characters, Sea Punk is both playful and punk! Watch adorable tokidoki friends glide amongst heart-shaped ropes and colourful pops of green seaweed. From graceful Mermicornos to a puppy-submarine Donutino, you and your little one will never tire of discovering new scenes in this underwater treasure! Elegant yet oh-so-fun, the Sea Punk universe is sure to be a fan favourite!


Product Dimensions

Be Prepared
18.5"W x 14"H x 6.5"D | Volume: 32.1L | Weight: 3.50LBS

14"W x 12"H x 6.5"D | Volume: 16.6L | Weight: 2.80 LBS

Be Sporty
16"H x 14"H x 6.5"D | Volume: 16L | Weight: 2.50 LBS

Mini Be
9"W x 12"H x 5"D | Volume: 13.6L | Weight: 2.00 LBS

Super Be
18"W x 15"H x 5.5"D | Volume: 32.1L | Weight: 1.00 LBS

Be Set
Mini: 5.5"W x 3.5"H x 1"D | Volume: 0.39L
Medium: 9"W x 4.75"H x 1.75"D | Volume: 1.1L
Large: 9"W x 6.5"H x 2.5"D | Volume: 2.2L

Be Light
12"W x 14"H x 3"D | Volume: 12.3L | Weight: 1.00 LBS

Itty Bitty Be
5"L x 4"H x1.75"D | Weight: 0.33 LBS

Be Quick
11.5"W x 7"H x 1.5"D | Volume: 2.6L | Weight: 1.00 LBS

Be Charged
3.50H" x 4.75"W x 0.25"D | Weight: 1.00 LBS

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